Who said…”Only Santa can wear RED!”

Alot of women shy away from red lipstick, but anyone can wear it. The most
important thing to consider when wearing red lipstick is picking the right
shade. All reds are not created equal – finding the right one for you and
wearing it properly will make all the difference.

REDS are divided into two basic categories:

1- Cool blue-based shades, such as Stefanie G’sred in IMPULSE.This red flatters  women with fair rosier skin tones

2- Warm orange-based shades, such as Stefanie G’s red in MICRO RED. This red is more appropriate for women whose skin has golden tan tones.

DON’T be caught…when smiling for that perfect Holiday photograph
and having lipstick on your teeth

After applying your red lipstick, put your finger in your mouth, purse your lips
around it, then slowly pull it out to remove excess color.

prevent ” lipstick bleeding.”
Apply just a bit of the Stefanie G’s PHOTO
FINISH Concealer
around the border of your lips and your ready!

REMEMBER…Santa knows if your Naughty or Nice!

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