We’ve fallen head over heels in love with the ombré
look! We saw it in hair and in nails and the
ombré lip is the next big thing!










                                                                     OMBRE LIP


This technique is a two-tone look that subtly contours the mouth. A darker shade around the rim of your lips adds definition, while a slightly softer tone in the center reflects light and creates the illusion of fuller, juicier lips. “The key is to use two shades in the same color family. “They should gradually fade into each other for an ombré effect.”

GET THE LOOK, with a firm brush to precisely apply a warm red, try Stefanie G’s IMPULSE and blend lightly toward the center. Next, I apply a dark red lip liner in EARTH RED, and then blend around the line of the lip. I prefer to apply the liner after the lipstick, because the pencil just glides on instead of tugging on a dry lip. I then apply just a dab of concealer into the middle of the top and bottom lips,blend and VIOLA!

Remember whenever you make a bold lip statement, keep the rest of your makeup lowkey as not to compete. Obviously this look is for the adventurous, but you can still apply the concept of adding light to the center of your lips for dimension and a fuller effect.

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Stefanie G.


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