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Bride in the City

“I want to look like me…but a little better” this is the most frequent answer I hear from my brides to be. This means to me, enhancing their best features and keeping them looking natural as though they have been on a long relaxing break and have returned refreshed. When choosing a make-up look I always advise brides to look at a mixture of magazines and find models or real women with similar coloring to their own. When thinking about your wedding make-up, look at your face in detail and decide what you think would be best enhanced or what you would like to cover or distract from. Most brides want “perfect flawless skin”. I love to air brush foundation on my Brides, that is the best way to achieve that look of flawless skin, but not to mention it last up to 16hrs, and the Bride just glows into the night. . Make-up can enhance or even camouflage, but does not change skin texture., I advice my brides to take great care of their skin everyday and especially in the run up to the wedding day.

In order to achieve your Perfect Makeup look:

  • Be sure your foundation matches your skin tone perfectly. It should look totally natural, and not look like obvious make-up. Try the Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation, its available in 6 shades.
  • Highlighting concealers are fantastic for under the eye area. My Mineral Photo Touch Concealers are amazing and also one of my top sellers! When choosing a concealer, it should be a shade lighter than your foundation, but don’t use them on spots! You don’t want to highlight a blemish! Just use one shade darker than your concealer and PAT…PAT…PAT, BLEND! It’s concealed!
  • To enhance your eyes, use my Powder Liner Pencils. There are 5 different shades, Fog, Chocolate, Royalty, Twilight and Coal. These soft powder liner pencils have a smudger on the tip, so you can blend the liner easily to give a softer look. You want to try to avoid harsh lines around the eyes. If you don’t want to use eyeliner, a deep brown (Tornado) or a soft charcoal gray (Charcoal) eye shadow can look amazing when smudged under the lower lash.
  • Try to use 2-3 different colors from the same color palette for eye shadow. Starting with the lighter shade on the inner corner of the eyelid, the medium shade from the inner edge of your iris and then create a C or backward C (depending on the eye) on the outer corner. Going one third of the way into the eyelid, in the socket and along the lash line. BLEND BLEND BLEND, the colors should appear seamless.
  • Opt for natural shades to help keep the look soft, such as Bisque, Champagne, Taupe, Tourmaline and Mauve Quartz.
  • Use a soft peachy-pink blusher in Peach Parfait, Hush Pink or Sparkling Rose to give a naturally flushed look.
  • Pinky browns are great for lips, natural but a hit of color without looking too obvious. My recommendations for lipstick are:
  • Pure
    Micro Mandarin(Great for Red Heads)
    Naked Bronze (Great for Red Heads)
    Lip Liner…in Cappuccino, Heather and or Clay

Hollywood starlet glamour is huge in bridal make-up at the moment, think Marilyn Monroe’s sexy pout and alluring eyes.

This look is very simple to create, however you need to create a flicked line with my Gel Liner in Black Out and apply with the Angle Liner Brush…next are RED gorgeous lips! My recommendations for my best reds are:

  • Micro Red

  • Impulse

Do not forget the lip liner to prevent bleeding:

  • Lip Liner…Red Velvet and Earth Red